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Cervical screening - how it works

You’ll be invited to your first screening when you are 23

From 23 and over you* will be invited to screening every three years. After 50 you are invited every five years or every seven years. After 64 you are only invited if you have had cell changes in the past.

Screening is voluntary, but it is an important test and you will have the best protection if you go every time you are invited.

The letter sent to you gives a time for the appointment and the name and address of the clinic where you will have the test.  If you want to make a new appointment or choose a different clinic, you can do that here:

New appointment for your screening.

If you want to know more about physical accessibility at a clinic, you can do this at the Accessibility database Tillgänglighetsdatabasen.

*) People with an even last-but-one digit in their personal identification number will be invited.

When did you do your last screening?

If you are unsure of the last time you did a screening or you have missed an invitation, you can contact your region’s Invitation Office Kallelsekansli. You can also find out when you last had a screening with a midwife or gynaecologist.

Screening is important for everyone with a cervix

If you have a cervix, it is important that you have a regular gynaecological screening, regardless of your gender identity or who you have had sex with. 

If you have corrected your legal sex and have a cervix, you will not be automatically invited to screening, so you need to contact a gynaecology clinic to do this.

Updated: 2023-01-16 15:43